Lewis McDonnell


Clinical Hypnotherapist 

NLP Master Practitioner 

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

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Nice To meet you.


Suicide in the UK is the biggest killer of men and I believe isolation is a main factor here. 

Beneath the mask of the modern man there is a tribesman yearning for connection and healing.


And so too are their women and children. 

The amount of young boys growing up in today's society and men of today telling me how disconnected they feel with their fathers is a serious issue.

And the amount of women I speak with who mention their issue of not feeling a deep enough connection with their long term partner is concerning. 

Why is this?

Us men have grown up in a culture which has riddled our minds with shame around expressing our emotions. This is not inherently natural. It is a learned behaviour. 

Plagued with phrases growing up which now hold many of us prisoner within our very own minds.

"men don't cry" 

"man up"

"toughen up"

"it's weak to show emotion" 


Now unable to express the pressure we have isolated ourselves.


You see, pain has the power to isolate us when suppressed but when shared it has the power to unite us.

We can only connect with others to the extent that we have connected with ourselves. If we deny aspects of ourselves we cut off our opportunities of developing insight and empathy around that area. Our women and children are yearning to be emotionally held and supported but without discovering the wisdom in our own pain how can we hold space for them and guide them to do the same?