Do you want to last longer in bed?

Find out how

Hi I'm Lewis,

A hypnotherapist and men's counsellor based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

I help people because people have helped me in the past. 

And I know exactly what you may be feeling right now. 

... because the truth is, I've been there.

And it was the worst toxic shame I've ever experienced. 


Premature ejaculation felt like a curse for the years that I battled with it. 

I tried all the gimmicks out there, wasted countless hours reading bullshit clickbait blog articles on the internet and none of it helped.  

I felt like I was searching in the dark...

It wasn't until I started paying mentors, therapists, and bought into tantra courses that I began to piece everything together.

And over time my lovemaking sessions now last for hours if my partner and I want it to.

After overcoming my own challenge with this I decided it was time to help other men do the same it inspired me to create a book.


(filled with everything that has worked for me in the past and for the men, I've tested this with.)

Because premature ejaculation affects millions of men worldwide yet you probably feel isolated with it.

It may have been a problem for you in the past and now you're concerned it might ruin things with your current partner or the next one you meet.

Even if she told you it doesn't matter...

... deep down you know you can do better.

And you likely still have fantasies and desires locked up inside you that you want to unleash in the bedroom with full masculine power...

Yet you finish before you've had a chance to experience them.

But the worst thing about premature ejaculation is the feeling that she's probably had better.


Here it is:

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​Get instant and discreet access to everything you need:
  • Learn exactly what the majority of men are doing completely wrong in the bedroom why it's making their women crave more.
  • Find out the exact mindset that releases pressure and makes lasting longer seem more natural.
  • Receive practice exercises that you can use to consistently expand on your lasting power. 
  • Achieve solid control over your arousal so that even a hot encounter doesn't through you off the horse. 
  • How to stop performance anxiety and have sex with natural confidence
  • Get a true understanding of the tantric love ritual that rekindles deep passion and connection in the bedroom.
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+ You'll also get instant access to this peak performance mindset bundle to speed up results.
The information you will get access to in this guide and the mindset MP3's will empower you to make progress within 30 days. 

When you purchase the bundle you will also get personal access to my email where you can ask me any questions you may have along the way.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of this information provided just let me know and you will get a full money back refund.
Discreetly download 4 of my most popular Hypnotherapy mindset tracks:

1. You WILL last a long time
Designed to programme your subconscious mind into lasting longer naturally, without effort.
2. Personal Power
This track will boost your natural confidence, power and inner wild man.
3. Mindset Mapping -
Helping you recreate a new identity and shake off old insecurities, fears, and shame.
4. Ultimate Arousal Control
Tapping into the control panel of your mind to achieve subconscious control of your arousal.
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