Product review - Paul's testimonial
"Premature ejaculation ruined my relationships for 16 years until I found this and I hope my story can help other men to cure this problem." - Paul Davis

I have never posted on here before, but I felt obligated to make an account and share my success story. I understand how frustrating it is to live with premature ejaculation, and have dealt with it for the past 16 years. It has kept me up at night and been on my mind consistently. I know how hopeless many other men who suffer from premature ejaculation may feel, but I hope my story can bring these individuals some optimism. I will try to keep this short and sweet.

My first sexual experience occurred around 16 years ago and that was when I discovered that I had premature ejaculation. I was in my first relationship and had trouble lasting more than a few seconds. After a couple of seconds I would reach the point of no return and either had to stop for an extended amount of time or cum. I could see the disappointment in my then girlfriend’s eyes and do believe that this was a major reason that we eventually split up. I never made her orgasm once the entire that we were together.

For the next years to follow I had girls in my bed that I would not be able to have sex with. They would be begging me to have sex with them, but I either came in seconds during a blow job or in the first thrust upon penetration. As you can see this has plagued my sex life for years. I only ended up staying with one of those girls who was understanding and stuck around for about three months. Regardless, I still could not last more than 2 minutes of inconsistent movement.

I have literally searched for a cure for this all over the internet, those blog posts about kegal's just made my situation worse. I tried numbing creams and even went to the doctor without any success.

I thought that perhaps I was just cursed with this problem and would have to accept it until 2 months ago I fell in love with this girl. In all honesty guys I was pretty worried that my problem would ruin our relationship so in desperation I started searching for some professional help.

After reading some amazing testimonials about how hypnotherapy can help with this issue I reached out to a hypnotherapist who specialises in helping men stop premature ejaculation that I found on Google.

He was a really chilled out and down to earth guy who reassured me that premature ejaculation is only a symptom of subconscious beliefs and patterns and that with the right work it wasn't as complicated to fix as it seems.

Anyways... he recommended that I started reading this guide which he created which has all the essential knowledge that he's found to have worked effectively for the men he's helped over the years.

I was initially a little hesitant at first to buy the guide but it was only £27 and I really had nothing to lose.

I read the guide within 2 days and started putting into practice everything that was shared.

In the guide he shares many mindset techniques and perspectives around sex to change the way you approach it. He also shared the practical techniques and partner exercises necessary for lasting longer and changing any subconscious habits.

Within 5 days of doing the practice exercises and adopting the mindset which he shared I had my next sexual moment with the girl I am with and it was astonishing! I really think it was this new mindset that relieved me of so much worry and tension that I was able to last for about 4 minutes with my girl. Which might not seem much but for a guy who could only last around 30 seconds this was incredible.

Since then my confidence has improved greatly and I find myself being able to last longer and longer each time. The last 2 times I've been able to last over 15 minutes which has been long enough to make my girl orgasm.

I really think this guide can help other men just like me to finally cure this problem for good and it'd be sad if i didn't share this golden key of knowledge with you all here.


My experience with a method that works.