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Are you suffering from premature ejaculation?
Here's how you can rise above average and outlast long sessions of love making with confidence...
Hypnotherapy and Coaching can help.

Most men don't know this but...

Premature ejaculation is only a symptom.

However most men are trying to resolve this symptom with superficial techniques like counting to 100 in their head or Kegal's that they read on an online blog.


It's no wonder so many men feel stuck with what seems like a curse. 


To solve this we need to dig deeper and address it from it's core.

The good thing is, it can be resolved effectively with hypnotherapy which will allow you to eliminate that old symptom for good.


Most men would agree that they don't know why their body gets aroused so quickly, or why they feel anxiety prior to sex and even a surging adrenaline rush. For most it just feels out of control whilst they try to battle against it using willpower alone. This is known as an unconscious behavioural pattern. 

Hypnosis works naturally by allowing us to access and change unconscious belief systems and behavioural patterns from the inside. Which means that we can eliminate these undesirable responses and you can become confident, grounded and in control without the battle of willpower.

People often experience a sudden A-ha moment or mind shift during hypnotherapy which is a result of the rewiring of neural pathways in the brain.


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What other men say:
In as little as 3 days from now you could be making progress like James...

" I reached out to Lewis because I was worried that my issue was going to end my relationship. I was beginning to avoid sex altogether because of the shame I felt around it. It wasn't until my girlfriend said that something has to change that I started researching solutions and that's when I found Lewis. I had never talked about my issue before until I simply sent him a message and even though I felt a bit embarrassed at first Lewis completely reassured me which filled me with a sense of relief. We then booked my session and it blew my mind, something that once seemed very complicated and out of my control soon became something quite simple. Not only did he share some practical advice but he also shared many new perspectives around sex which helped me change my mindset altogether. After the our first session I felt really inspired and began to practice the exercises he gave me. 3 days later my girlfriend came to visit me and I felt no performance anxiety! It had literally gone! I went from lasting less than 30 seconds to a few minutes which was amazing in our first session together. My optimism is through the roof! 
I would recommend anyone who is feeling stuck or awkward about asking for help to take a leap of faith, like me, you could be one call away from completely changing your love life" ~ James        
Take action today and start making positive changes.   

Hi I'm Lewis McDonnell, one of the UK's leading specialists in helping men with premature ejaculation. Providing men of all ages with the latest research and cutting edge therapeutic interventions for finally beating this challenge for good.


Premature ejaculation affects millions of men worldwide, though you probably feel isolated with it. This may have been a problem in the past and now you could be concerned that it might ruin things with your current partner or the next one you meet, she might have even told you it doesn’t matter but deep down you just know you can do better.

You may even still have fantasies and desires locked up inside you that you want to unleash in the bedroom with full masculine power yet you finish before you’ve had a chance to fully express them. 

And you’ve probably kept this secret to yourself for far too long, bringing you to the stage where you’re ready to do whatever it takes to finally improve your performance.

I know this because I once suffered with it myself before finding some methods that work and now I frequently help men to resolve this issue in my therapy practice and via online video call.

You see, most are comparing themselves with the porn stars they’ve watched online and now feeling like they’re missing something as a man. Romantic encounters can be embarrassing and the thought of letting their partner down makes them feel anxious, guilty and even ashamed. 

Many have actually wasted months, sometimes years, searching online trying to secretly figure out the cure for what they believed was a curse. Sadly most just felt too awkward to ask for help until the day arrived when they couldn’t take it anymore and in that turning point, they made the decision every man eventually has to make which is to reach out for professional support and advice.

After all, anyone who has ever learned anything knows that if you want to succeed you need to learn from those who have walked the path before you and there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve themselves, right?

Like most, you probably spent your teenage years masturbating in secret whilst trying to have an orgasm as quickly as possible. And like most, you probably did this quite frequently.

You see, we have trained ourselves to finish quickly, similar to a river which carves it's route into the rock below over years which can make this habit incredibly difficult to change without deeper therapeutic work.

Thankfully advanced hypnotherapy can reverse this.

Here's Just A Taste of What Most Men Discover During Our Hypnotherapy Sessions:

  • they develop a natural control over their arousal, even during the most passionate moments

  • how to become the master of their mind, put an end to out of control, racing thoughts

  • multiple ways they can shift their mindset into "last longer mode"

  • the art of lovemaking with a step-by-step formula for increased stamina and control

  • how to release tension in their body for longer lasting sex

  • how to say goodbye to performance anxiety and any other unwanted emotions

  • how to become a confident leader in the bedroom

  • how to reprogram their ejaculatory system – Unlearn bad habits

  • Practical mind hacks that instantly correct focus

  • Eureka and A-ha moments as they uncover and release the subconscious root causes

And once you know these skills...

You'll Be In A Class All By Yourself


Those who are ready to experience the power of hypnotherapy can avoid the previous disappointment of finishing too early and increase their lasting power during deep penetration whilst becoming a confident leader in the bedroom.


You will become equipped with a superior new mind-set for approaching sex, which 99.9% of men know nothing about. 

After applying these new changes to your life, like everyone else, you can experience the effectiveness of these skills as they enable you to rewire the neural pathways in your brain until achieving your desired results consistently becomes second nature, as easy as riding a bike or driving a car.

During these sessions together we will be exploring your internal belief systems and thought patterns, you'll be speaking with someone's who's been there himself so you can expect to feel reassured and fully understood by another man who has been exactly where you are. You will discover a lot about yourself during these sessions, you will receive practical "how to" guidance for lasting longer in bed and you will also get to experience the power hypnotherapy for rewiring and changing this old habit.

And the good thing is it’s completely discreet and confidential. Sessions are relaxing and take place for 90 minutes via online video call during your own private time, you don’t need to tell anyone about it and you can avoid the awkward visit to a shop or doctor for numbing creams or medication with risky side effects. 


** Free Gift** you will also receive a 40 page home study training guide, filled with insights and techniques which I have refined and developed as a result of everything that has worked best for men in the past which will enhance your long-lasting results.

The training guide covers the fundamentals necessary for changing your mindset and behaviour patterns.

You will learn:

  • new perspectives, tips and insights around how to approach sex for lasting longer

  • physical techniques and reconditioning exercises for lasting longer

  • mindset techniques to become more present and grounded

  • Tantric partner exercises which you and your partner can begin to practice for reconditioning your ejaculatory response and developing better control of arousal.

All you need to do is follow this set of easy to follow instructions and apply everything that you learn in this guide for lasting longer in bed. It really is that simple, follow the instructions, apply what you learn and practice as you increase your lasting power.

Fast forward only 3 weeks from now and you could be like David, 

"Thanks a lot mate, the information and techniques shared in your guide has helped me in ways that I didn't know would be possible. In all honesty I was a little skeptical about buying this online but after practicing what you've said I have noticed a progressive increase in my ability to last longer in bed. I've went from an extreme case of premature ejaculation which usually happened within 2-3 thrusts to being able to last 10 minutes. Me and my partner even shared an orgasm together at the same time which was something I've never experienced in my life. We're both more than satisfied though we keep pushing the boat out and exploring new things together using those partner exercises. Thank you Lewis!"

If you're wondering whether hypnotherapy and coaching can help you, don't get left behind and suffer in silence like the majority.

Reclaim control and take the next easy step below...

Request a FREE initial consultation, have all your questions answered and receive immediate advice by sending Lewis a message:

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*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person. Results are subjective to the individual and so you are paying for the time and expertise of your therapist and not for your results.