Success Stories

"I reached out to Lewis as I had decided to become a non smoker. I had been smoking on and off for years and was just fed up with it but I wanted an approach that would last - and I didn’t want to just quit and rely solely on my own willpower. Lewis was responsive and kind, and already from the first introductory call, he used his intuition and a gentle approach to really come to the core of my decision. Initially, I thought I was “just having an NLP” session - but the 2 hour session went well beyond that. Lewis is full of humour, compassion and understanding which created an amazing safe space for me to really work on the issues surrounding why I had even started smoking. The session flew by, and not only have I stopped smoking (which has been so very easy because of Lewis’ technique), but the deeper work has had a huge impact on how I live my life. If you are looking to transform your life by taking the positive decision to stop smoking - I highly recommend speaking to Lewis. He is a bit of a magician! Thank you again Lewis! I am so grateful."

Niki - Executive Coach

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" After 32 years as a heavy smoker I had tried countless ways to stop smoking which simply failed, I was starting to believe that it was impossible until a friend recommended Lewis to me. During our session something really shifted within me. Lewis' navigation skills and intuitive approach to my current inner goings on was nothing short of fantastic. He used effective and non-judgmental probing enabling me to come full circle in my inner critique to view my situation differently. I felt his approach methodical, caring but having a gentle dynamism which created 'light bulb' moments within me, helping my judgmental mind to expand and move from ingrained thinking patterns and default positions.  The beauty is the sense of empowerment within as naturally through his involvement you are bringing about the change. I couldn't praise him enough. Most importantly he radiates a lovely energy which creates the space for change within. I've been smoke free for 3 weeks and it's been easy!"

Charlie - Accountant


Brian - Roofer

“Hi Lewis, this is just a note to say thank you for your guidance into helping me with my   quest to stop smoking.It’s been really helpful and worked well , the fact that you know   how to engage the sub conscious mind and allow people to break their own habits by   getting them to tap into their own memory and emotions to understand the reasons they   smoke, it is a phenomenal and great way to give up for good. 



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