Terms and Conditions

Anyone who purchases services from this website, www.risingmen.co.uk, from Lewis McDonnell, enters a contract as the client and referred to as I and/or you.

Lewis McDonnell (the consultant) 

I, The Client, fully understand and agree that:


•    The responsibility for getting the results I want from the session(s) is solely mine.

•    When attending my session(s), I will ensure that I allow sufficient time before the session to allow me to enter a state of calm where I am prepared to change.

•    I understand that my consultant is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  I will allow him to guide me through any processes relevant to me achieving my desired result.

•    The consultant commits to keep the content of the session/s confidential, unless the Law requires disclosure of the contents, or unless he believes that not doing so could endanger me or other people, or unless he receives my written permission to disclose information.

•    I will tell my consultant all relevant information that will assist me in achieving my desired outcome and will overcome any issues or blocks to my success.

•    I am psychologically sound and know of no reason (medical, psychological or otherwise) why I should not undertake the consultation.

•    I will give my consultant at least 24 hours notice to change session date, otherwise I will forfeit the full payment for the session cancelled. Genuine medical emergencies will be considered carefully, if written proof can be provided.

•   Results may vary from person to person. Results are subjective to the individual and so you are paying for the time and expertise of your therapist and not for your results.

•   Those who purchase any of Lewis McDonnell's services take full responsibility for participating in session. 

•   The Refund Policy applies only to The Last Longer in Bed Programme in the unlikely case that there are absolutely no improvements achieved after 60 days though it will only be granted if there is a sufficient and genuine report received from the applicant that they have participated fully and applied every instruction with 100% effort. Those who abandon the programme without completion of daily practice for 60 days will be denied their full refund.