I help MEN who are currently unfulfilled to
connect with their PURPOSE 
and create a life of deeper MEANING.

Men's Work - Seeking Depth Before Growth

To live and learn is our duty.


Life carves blocks to sculptures through its thunder, wind and rain. Till one day leaving them to dance nature’s songs under sunshine. Chips are chiseled from their sandstone shells till heavy blows penetrate their dense marble core. A painful process the crumbling of being as the cracks grow deeper with every tear but it is only then that weight is lifted and that light shines in.


A warrior does not only know light but the darkness in which he was once lost. He now knows peace because he has felt rage explode. He now knows love because he has felt a hate do harm. He now knows happiness because he has cried for days in sadness. He now holds the highest respect for life for once he prayed for death. He now knows a place in which he would prefer to reside and a place where he is no fool to return.


Now he stands strong to the north wind, filled with a knowledge for which words cannot explain.


Life is a journey where beauty comes not without pain.

Men's work sessions for:
(Face to face or via online video call)
Anger, grief and loss
Self esteem issues
And more...
~ Lewis McDonnell




"Just a note of thanks for helping me release a life time of resentment. It's been two weeks since our last session together and I no longer experience the road rage. It feels like a weight has been lifted. This really means a lot  to me and my wife. You are a good man Lewis. Keep up the good work."


"Cheers for your support Lewis, I'd no idea that my social anxiety was linked to certain experiences in my past until our first session together. I didn't feel judged once for opening up to you, only support! I want you to know that I no longer experience the anxiety and feeling more confident as the weeks go on. Thanks a lot mate! "



"Lewis is a very  compassionate man. It felt easy to open up to him about stuff which I haven't even told my best mates due to a fear of  being judged. My experience with Lewis has been nothing short of  profound in fact it has been a real turning point in my life. If you are going through shit I recommend speaking with Lewis."


"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

About Lewis

After a sequence of traumatic events Lewis soon began to question the purpose of life which lead him on a journey of self discovery.

Since healing his own emotional wounds and having professionally trained in various models of therapy he is now in a position to help other men heal theirs.

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