• Lewis McDonnell

How to Win Her Heart - Not the way you've been told before.

The feminine is yearning to be penetrated by the consciousness of the masculine.

Presence is a powerful thing.

There is nothing more desirable that a present and widely awake, fully integrated man. Rare in this age.

Whilst sleeping men study their pick up lines and manipulation techniques.

The presence of a self realised man is enough to allow any woman open to receiving his energy to fully flourish.

For a man can only open a woman to the extent of his conscious depth.

Healing, transforming and unlocking her to higher celestial expressions of her unblemished and divine core.

The conscious man however must deepen his capacity to contain the motion of the flowing forms of the feminine, without losing his centre.

Just as the sun, without need, consistently looks over the earth during her cyclical seasons.

A man's light will not penetrate her heart if it is tainted with lust, greed or neediness.

And just like the sirens who beckoned men, leading them to crashing their boats into the rocks at sea.

A man without discipline, will too, get sucked from his purpose. Putting an end to his relation-ship.

Here are 6 principles to live by which will form strong foundations of your ship: 1. Truth - strive to serve the highest truth in each and every living moment. This may even come at a sacrifice of your own selfish desires. It may even cause you to lose friends or lovers but better to create some ripples and waves with your truth than crash your boat into the rocks. Many a coward has caused incomprehensible suffering due to his fear of embracing his highest truth. Not only leading himself astray but also leading others to the same fate with his lies.

2. Aloneness - embrace solitude and become your best friend. Until you feel a sense of wholeness and security within your unique individuality any romantic lover will be suffocated by your neediness. Love is to liberate and those who have not liberated themselves from need and lack are not capable of loving someone fully. Instead their love will be corrupted with possessiveness, ownership and jealousy. They will become dependent on their partner for emotional stability which will instead be a roller coaster of ups and downs until they are lead back to themselves again and forced to embrace their deepest fear.

3. Purpose - if you have not found your purpose yet, keep searching. This is something you will grow into by following that which inspires you. Your hobbies, your companions, your aspirations, your responsibilities, which you know in your heart to be important to you, and your embrace of the unknown must not be sacrificed in your hazy obsession with your lover. Too many of adventurers throw all of their treasure overboard and surrender to the complete service of their new lover. As their gold sinks further away from their ship so too does the love of their partner. They loved you initially for the man you were and everything you lived for was part of who you were. A man who gives up who he truly is will in time begin to despise himself.

4. Curiosity - be childlike in your investigation of self and this life, what can you learn from your experiences that can help you deepen and grow into someone greater? As unpleasant as they may be at times, everything can teach something more about ourselves. Reject this notion of becoming an adult who is calcified in their beliefs and dictatorship about how life aught to be. It is the creativity of the childlike which succeeds beyond all else. It has birthed everything which we deem to be beautiful.

5. Ownership - Those who reject ownership surrender their power to take action and change things. They are most commonly known as the complainers or victims in our society who participate in the game of blaming others for everything wrong in their life. They either stay stuck or they stay on the sidelines, either way, never taking action.

Whether this be our partner, family or government, whenever we put the blame into others we also put the power into them. THEY become the source of our problems to which we have little control over. By claiming ownership of our pain and emotions we regain the power to decide what what next steps we are going to take.

6. Belonging - Hold the knowledge close to you that you are part of something greater. That every wave which you create in this life will continue to ripple for centuries to come. You hold the torch which your ancestors carried all this way for you, and now it's your turn. This is an opportunity for you to break the patterns of the past which have been handed down to you, holding us bonded to trauma and limiting our chances of flourishing. You can play your part in all of this if you choose to rise up for our future. Such power is within you.

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