• Lewis McDonnell

Men's Mental Health Support

Suicide is one of the biggest killers of men, however I believe it is isolation. Beneath the mask of the modern man there is a tribesman yearning for connection and healing.

At Rising Men we help conscious men of all ages to overcome psychological and emotional challenges.

“The fallen tree is often one with roots that have not dug deep enough into the dirt to sustain the pressure of life. In a world obsessed with growth, start with depth.”

When I look around at the men of today I see a sliding scale. On one end of the scale I see men who have lost that connection with the warrior within, their voice has been silenced and they have became passive. Desperately playing small to fit in. These men live in hiding. And on the other end of this scale, I see men who have been hurt so badly, and shamed for expressing their pain. That one day they made the decision, never to share it again. And in doing so they became hard. They built up a wall thick with muscle and aggression so that no one could get in and in doing so they isolated themselves, in doing so they cut themselves off. Now, somewhere between this sliding scale, I believe, we belong. Suicide, In the UK is one of the biggest killers of men and I've been inspired to create this service to offer men confidential 1 to 1 support. Supporting men with a range mental health issues including: #depression







And more...

Future plans In spring time 2019 there will be a men's social group being launched in Brighton, UK. More coming soon...


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