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Premature Ejaculation Helpline - Men's Support FAQ Discussion

Here you can find questions and topics which we frequently discuss on our premature ejaculation helpline. I have also included premature ejaculation advice to help you begin to understand how you can begin to last longer in bed. If you are seeking immediate support and confidential advice please email me at: Lewis@risingmen.co.uk 1) Can premature ejaculation just go away?

Most men experience premature ejaculation at least once in their life time. It is not uncommon for men to experience premature ejaculation in the early stages of becoming sexually active. This is largely caused by heightened sensitivity to new stimuli and lack of confidence which begins to subside over time meaning that premature ejaculation will go away with experience. However, for men who suffer with persistent premature ejaculation it may require the following: - Reconditioning exercises for body and mind (some examples: meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, edging)

- Therapeutic intervention for psychological causes such as racing thoughts, performance anxiety, hyper arousal (For professional support please visit https://www.risingmen.co.uk/premature-ejaculation ) 2) I experience premature ejaculation during intercourse only :

Some men can enjoy foreplay for a longer duration of time but find it difficult to last as long during intercourse/ penetration. Often men rush into this and begin thrusting too quickly in the beginning. As a result they increase stimulation to the point of no return before they have had a chance to catch up with themselves which causes them to experience premature ejaculation during intercourse at an earlier stage than desired.

The most common reasons for this is:

- excitement and anticipation

- performance anxiety

- increased arousal triggered by the exaggeration of fantasy and thoughts To learn a new way of approaching intercourse please read: https://www.risingmen.co.uk/post/arousal-control

3) Premature ejaculation because of sensitivity.

sensitivity can be caused by two things; Psychical sensitivity & Psychological sensitivity. Physical sensitivity is largely due to a build up of tension in the body. Many men who struggle with premature ejaculation have trained themselves to tense up their pelvic floor in efforts to speed up ejaculation during earlier years of masturbating. Relaxation and mindfulness combined with an edging practice will begin to reverse the old pattern. Psychological sensitivity is largely caused by fantasy and hyper focus on the genital region. It is also caused by powerful associations to sexual stimuli which are triggered during sexual encounters. (for advanced hypnotherapy please visit: www.risingmen.co.uk/premature-ejaculation

4) Premature ejaculation is ruining my relationship.

Premature ejaculation can put a strain on relationships when it isn't properly addressed. Communication and cooperation is key here. Explain your concerns and feelings to your partner. Tell them about your desired outcome and ask if they will be willing to support you with this.

If you have a supportive partner we have created some powerful partner exercises for you to begin practicing together. Request your training guide from Lewis.

3) My premature ejaculation getting worse with age.

Psychological PE is often built upon a cycle of internal beliefs and experiences. This cycle can naturally compound over time when left unresolved which would mean that premature ejaculation can get worse with age. If you notice signs of premature ejaculation it's best to seek help as early as possible.

5) I have premature ejaculation when sober

Just like people use alcohol to boost their social skills, many men rely on alcohol to last longer in bed and as a result they never quite develop the skill of being able to cure premature ejaculation while sober. Every skill in life takes practice, we just have to be willing to put in the work necessary to develop it. With the correct guidance and practice you can certainly do this. 6) I think I developed premature ejaculation due to stress

Stress is a big cause of premature ejaculation which causes tension in the body and mind. if it isn't performance anxiety which causes you stress then it is likely to be our work life and other responsibilities. Take time out to relax and unwind. ( this article will provide you with some keys to releasing stress https://www.risingmen.co.uk/post/want-to-last-longer-in-bed-relaxation-leads-to-longer-sex ) 7) Is premature ejaculation counselling helpful? For many who suffer from premature ejaculation it remains a pent up and shameful secret. We must expose the beast and release any shame or awkwardness around it until it has become more normalised. From here we can then begin making progress in the right direction.

However, talking about it is only the start, after releasing the pressure of this taboo secret and combined with advanced hypnotherapy, you will be able to change your beliefs around sex quickly, which will allow you to make quicker progress than attempting to change those beliefs yourself. For discreet and confidential support you can email me at: Lewis@risingmen.co.uk

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