• Lewis McDonnell

The Man Trap.

As men we have grown up in a culture to be self-sufficient and able to take care of ourselves.

Many have grown to become a finely tuned, diamond cut result of these core values. Which is of course inspiring.

However as we grow older we can begin to sense that if things are not OK it needs to be kept a secret.

When we keep our troubles to ourselves we look outwards to see that no one else is sharing any of the conflicts that we feel inside.

This only makes us feel isolated. Thinking that we’re alone. That we are weak or that we're not OK.

Stuck between yearning for a release whilst fighting to remain strong like "the man" we are supposed to be.

All the while unknowing to the fact that many other men just like us are going through exactly the same torture.

Could these next coming years bring the crumbling of these culturally conditioned chains?

Or men, are we going to rise up and bring it ourselves?  

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